Web And Video Conferencing Who’s Using This New Technology

In the mid s a people and companies, seeing the potential of the relatively unknown Internet, took advantage of this new medium and got a head start on everyone else. Similarly, today a few innovative companies have enthusiastically embraced web and video conferencing and are reporting great benefits designed by this underused application. Who is making use of web and video conferencing, and the are they using it Here is an examine some of the enterprises and institutions that tend to be transformed by the intelligent use of this upandcoming technology.

Ever conscious of rising costs, schools and universities use webvideo conferencing to conduct administrative meetings with staff nicely for setting up online courses and tutoring for scholars. WordPress baserad webbplats and video conferencing “made all the difference in turning a scheduling conflict in the magical lifetime memory for our student,” says Jon Fredricks of Midland Lutheran College. While clergy are not usually pictured as technogeeks, churches and other religious institutions are quick to see the advantages of interactive video applications and now use it to enable shutin members of congregations “attend” worship services without leaving their homes.

Sales organizations are applying video andor web conferencing to conduct sales meetings as well as to meet and demonstrate many with prospects. Using this further, sales coaches and trainers have wholeheartedly embraced online conferencing as a method to develop new methods of training, and save money at the same time. Video and web conferencing “enabled us to develop powerful new consultingtraining business model via we blend live classroom training having a continuous program of interactive videoconference training events, accessible by participants from just about any location” reports Tim McMahon of McMahon WorldWide Sales Record.

“The ability to supply this kind of programming has become a significant source of competitive advantage for the people in the sales training marketplace,” added McMahon. As end up being expected, software and Internet companies in which already techsavvy, also been quick to reap the benefits of online conferencing. They are using these applications to demonstrate some and services to clients, and to a new, previously undreamed of level of support. “The technology allows us to take over dentists’ workstations in just two clicks. It’s like working without walls and dentists have really been impressed by the personal touch that’s possible with this technology,” reports Rich Hirschinger, of DDS,